Culture of Q

Real Values

Below, you can find our company values towards our team members and customers.

Our corporate values provides us to achieve the success and have a "Dream Team". These values are the culture of Q.


  • We value our team members as well as our partners.
  • When we brainstorming, we do not hesitate to express our true thoughts.
  • We treat our team members and partners in a straightforward, authentic and transparent manner.


  • Thanks to our farsightedness, our team members always thinks one step ahead.
  • Our team members understand the expectations of our partners and also develop personal projects for the future for them.


  • We believe the power of timely and complete feedback between our teammates and our partners.


  • As a result of the courage, we take smart risks.
  • We tell our ideas without hesitation.
  • We value different points of view.
  • We value freedom of thought and know that is the most fundamental element for creative ideas.


  • We want to do; what is not done, we want to think; what is not thought.
  • We closely follow the market and create trendy contents for our partners.
  • We value unique, creative and innovative ideas. 


  • We don't stop until we reach the best result.
  • We show the same dedication for each of our projects.
  • We value our team members' hunger for success.

Do you want to be our team member?

If these values ​​sound like you, you may be a part of our dream team.

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